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Saturday, March 29, 2008

When the music's over

I am sure that most of you out there enjoy music. And especially if you are a teenager music is something that is impossible to get by without. But what would you say if you suddenly find yourself deprived of music? And there is no way to get some? Well, as a continuation of my previous post I am going on in recalling the things that I was deprived from as a teenager, in 1991, when trouble in Bosnia and Croatia has started.

Music stopped suddenly back then, the war started, and there was no electricity, and of course many other things become unreachable. But as a teenage kid your soul is striving for music maybe even more than food. Here is my tribute to the bands that I was listening to at that time with a short review. I was disconnected from these bands by force. That is why they are playing a very special role in my memories.

P.S. I am going to keep on updating this post, there is much more to come.

Sonic Youth - Goo

GooA magnificent album. From all the songs on this album the one with the title Mote was making me freak out every time. In spite of the fact that basically there is no song on this same album that would not leave you breathless. From the best group in the word– incomparable Sonic Youth.

Pogues - Hell's Ditch

Hell's DitchThis is one of the last albums of Irish band The Pogues. One friend of mine used to play songs from this album on the acoustic guitar on many many parties. I still know by heart most of the lyrics. Summer in Siam – is an unforgettable song, if you have ever had a chance to hear it, it somehow stays with you forever. It has been such a shock when I heard last year about the tragic death of Kirsty MacColl, who died in Mexico in an accident involving a speeding boat. And I do not know what is happening with Shane lately, I will need to check more on the Internet but the last news about him that I had chance to hear were not good.

The Sisters of Mercy - Vision Thing

Vision ThingThe strong and the powerful noise of eclectic and dark sound. This is not maybe the best album of this band, but it is on my list for the reasons that I have already mentioned. The songs More and When you don’t see me – used to give me some kind of vigor that every teenager is longing for, something to hide insecurity and something to turn your weakness into strength.

The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses

What to say about this album. I do not know if I have right words. As someone said it once - there is not a single second on this album which would not convince you that life is perfect. Ian Brow and the company made it possible for a whole new generation of British pop-rock. One of my friends said that Stone Roses continued the path from the same spot where The Beatles had stopped.

Happy Mondays

Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches

Pills 'n' Thrills and Bellyaches

There was something in that Manchester scene in the beginning of nineties. Critics at the time tried to minimize the importance of that huge wave by saying that is after all easier to listen to the bands like Happy Mondays, Stone Roses or Inspiral Carpets than to dig all dusty records from the basement. We know now that there was much more to it. If not for these bands many of the most successful ones that followed have never been the same. They own everything to that rainy Manchester.

There is no better way to stumble party upon than with Kinky Afro and Happy Mondays

Brick By Brick
Iggy Pop

Brick by Brick A lot of people would probably strongly disagree that this album is a masterpiece. I think that in a similar way - what The Soft Parade meant for the Doors and also By the Way for the Peppers - this album meant for Iggy. Something completely different.



Wow - what an excellent list. When these albums first came out I was working as a DJ in the south of England playing these tracks in the clubs. This was a great era for music and was a turning point in the crossover between many underground music movements and the mainstream.

To be disconnected from music of this calibre would have been devastating to me back then - I lived for it. So I understand your predicament.

J. C.said...

That is exactly my point. Beside the music there were more things going on in the beginning of nineties. The whole new computer era was warming up. Beside that, Michael Jordan was at his peaks. What I am planning to do is a deeper research about that time – about 4 or 5 years that I have spend in dark while the rest of the world was taking the giant leaps forward. Down in a hole.

Tyler Greshamsaid...

Hey!Thanks for the comment :)

I like this list of music, I'm going right now to look some of them up.

Tyler Gresham

J. C.said...

HI Tyler, thanks for stopping by, there is more coming soon...


Great Post. I gave you a digg as well.


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