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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The H. Study Painting

My header image that you can see above is based on this painting. It is based on the real model, but not in a manner of portraiture. I am the member of the very fine artist community Fine Art America, you could find the link for that amazing site below. Among my other works this painting gained the most attention on that site. Maybe it's all about the look. Oops I almost forgot - my Entrecard is as well made from the same image, so if I ever became famous maybe this will be my logo or something, lol.



Unfortunately, I'm the type that doesn't know much about art, but do know what I like. I like this. The eyes capture attention, the pale blue couldn't be more of a beacon if it were raised from the canvas and scanning the area with a rotating light. Simply beautiful.


Its a great painting and it really makes your entrecard stand out from the pack. One eye looks more assuring and the other eye a bit more alert.

Michelle Gartnersaid...

Hi Thank you for dropping by- I love the v eyes in the portrait because I look like that all the time. I am one of those people where their two eyes look very markedly different even when I am not making an expression or a gesture with one or the other. I hope you know what I am saying.


That is an awesome Painting*

Beautiful Girl*

;)) Peace*

J. C.said...

Thanks so much to everybody for your input and comments, wow I am flattered. Cheers.

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