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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Sarajevo siege April 6th 1992 - April 6th 2008

Today is going to be 16th anniversary of the beginning of the Sarajevo siege, and also – the beginning of the war in Bosnia. Not a really tranquil morning for me. Sarajevo siege, as the longest siege in the history of the modern warfare introduced the new word – urbicide, denoting brutal destruction against the city, and everything that city represents. Now when I am a parent, and growing older as well - it becomes more and more petrifying for me to recall the facts about thousands of kids killed during the siege, more than 12000 civilians killed and about 50 000 wounded. This is only about Sarajevo, without the rest of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes described once this world as terrified and terrifying. Today is the day when I am recalling his thoughts with bitterness.



May God grant you the peace that you deserve. Angels all around you and your homeland.


Why should war happen at all?

Joe Blacksaid...

Your courage to go through all this is inspiring in a country torn apart. All I can say is, hope the children see a better future.

But perhaps the only thing that keeps us sane is living through a world of sanity. Peace be on you. Cheers.

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