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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

We all live boring lives banner

What I proudly present here is a guest post by Sir Jorge. Close to 2 thousand posts on the Sir Jorge of Culver's blog is impressive. His writings reminded me about many things – Bukowski’s wit and straightforwardness, Carver’s scarcity and clarity and so on. Finding profound in the everyday stuff. And it made me laugh.

We all live boring lives.

I've decided that no one lives excitingly. I remember sitting in my guidance counselor's office, while in high school, and she would tell me how awesome the world would be if I went to college. So I went for it, the exciting world of college for me was not drunken times, or anything cool that you see in the movies these days.

Instead, I spent hours upon hours learning programming language, designing websites, and working full time. There was never time for a social gathering because in order to learn these complicated computer infrastructures, I had to be somewhat anti-social.
When I did stick my head above the water of school work, there was no one awake, or interested in anything that I enjoyed.

I'm a graduate now.

One year after my graduation, I'm sitting in a cubicle twiddling my thumbs, wondering what it's like to enjoy a job.

I landed a job in a small e-commerce company, and I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to fast forward time. No one visits me in this dark room I work in, and there are two other workers here…we perform our rudimentary tasks with headphones on, and when we do talk to each other, it's about mundane things.

I talk to my class mates, they are in similar boats.

How nice is it to get paid to sit around?

I figure it was nice for the first two or so weeks, now it just seems weird.

I'm bored a lot.

Why not get another job? I have a degree in Interactive Media Design, and you would think there is a high demand for my skills, and there is.

But there is a TON of people fighting tooth and nail for those jobs.

With the ubiquitous nature of tech jobs, the paychecks are slim and none, but the demands are really high.

I could get another job, but I would not be getting paid the same, nor would I be sitting here bored.

I don't know where this is all going, but I do know one thing: In the end all the right choices, and all the schooling I've had, has led me to believe that all I was sold was boredom.

Seriously, this is a boring life.

By: Jorge



I hope that now you have discovered blogging that life becomes more interesting for you. You never know - - start online socially networking as an adjunct to blogging and you may find job opportunities.


Read Rory Stewart's "The Places In Between". Perhaps he will inspire you. If you are single and without commitments, you can do anything if you want it enough. You just have to know what you want.
When I met Rory as a young diplomat in Jakarta, I sensed he already was bored out of his mind - because he could see his life laid out before him. He had been successful all his life - everything had come so easy for him and everything looked so predictable. Which, I think, is why he quit the Foreign Office and went out to discover...
I, myself, loved every minute of my job as a reporter. It was not boring. I promise you, life is not boring. For me, then came children, one of whom has special needs and requires my full attention. My career is now but a long lost dream. Instead of living in a vibrant, energetic city, travelling to places I would not otherwise have gone had it not been for my job, and meeting people I would not otherwise have met, I now spend my days driving between Safeways, school and home in a beautiful - but torturously boring - suburb.


well i was in a relashion ship for four years an i really love this women and she was like the best thing that ever happend to me im 19 years old and i had meet her in 8th grade and we broke up are senior year i have not had a relashion ship sence i feel like i am adsolutley hopliss i dont even know how to spell what i am saying i mean come on how bad does it get i sit at home and feel bad for my self what the f sorry for being so pathetic somtimes i wonder what it whould matter if i just killed my self but that wont get me any ware at lest i dont think maybe some day we all will be ih heaven and hopefully that will be a better place for us all




Is it realy all about your decisiont?
comon what if u can imagine how a life
could be and after trying to get it like u imagine it u notice that there is no more than this. U could go for education, learn learn and learn , and in the end u know more, u can get a better job or not. well end of this.
another would be , u fall in love with a woman/man
u spend time together , u break up , be sad and thats it...
its not about that its boring, its more about that its not as exciting as it is always said.

All that makes me wonder if there is a reason to stay alive?

and pls dont tell me religion should be one,
thats to phatetic.
I played with some friends Volleyball last WE
it was fun and all, but when i think about it,
i did this some times in the past and will do it some times in the future.. But it doesnt change anything . Its just a Fun.

Well i dont know but right now i think im gonna try to find some fun and defelction in the alc and drugs.

Im about to go stuy informatic in the technical area but after this post from SIR JORGE, i realy doubt in any sence of live.

Brian Psaid...

I stumbled upon this post because I am bored too. My job is alright... I get a long with people and time flies by. You should have lived it up in college a bit. I did and got my computer science degree... but that even got old.... I am just bored now and do not know what do to.... I love starting my own online businesses and those are a passion for me. Ohhh well..... go back to being bored.... I actually have a project for work due on monday that I need to do... so maybe I will do this.


I can relate . . .but on a different level - the boredom of a 53-year-old female. When I was in my late thirties I overheard two 50ish women talking in a supermarket about life being the same year after year. I didn't get it. I was actually amused and appalled. Now I get it.

What is the answer to 99% of all problems? Money! Too bad that is true. If I had money I could go back to college to audit courses for entertainment. I would take history, anthropology, literature, math and art classes. I would have a ball! Being with other students would also energize me. But I cannot afford to do this.

I don't want money for fancy houses, cars, boats, jewelry or exotic travel. But I envy people with money because they do not have to endure boring employment and they could take sculpting, cooking, flower design courses at a whim. This is what I would do to have an exciting life. I would also travel around the United States in a nice motor home. Dreams of domestic travel like this and taking classes all the time is something I probably will never be able to do.

So yes Virginia . . .alas . . .life is boring.


sir jorgesaid...

I'm 28 now. It's been 3 years since this post. I'm no longer as bored, and life really punched me in the face. That original site is long gone, but a new one with the same name took its place. I still write. I'm a professional writer now. Wow. What a difference is made in 3 years.

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