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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kabul, Afghanistan

A good friend of mine Damir had spent one whole year in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was working there as a member of United Nation's Organization and they were in charge for monitoring the country's elections. The stories and photos that he had brought from this impressive and troubled country were vivid and breathtaking. With his permission I am publishing here some of the photos from the city of Kabul, Afghanistan.

kabul 4

kabul 2

kabul 5

kabul 6

kabul 7




Regretful Morningsaid...

That looks depressing :/

J. C.said...

Thanks for dropping by Regretful Morning. I guess these pictures are depressing but I think that in the same time we could see the beauty. Beauty and simplicity of people and their modest lives. I hope that this country will find their way out of those troubled and turbulent times.
I think that basically we all have so much in common. Regardless of the political or religious views.


Those photos definitely show a lifestyle vastly different from what we have in the United States. I really think that we focus so much on things here that it's hard to understand anything else. Thanks for showing these photos and tell your friend thanks as well. I enjoy seeing how other people live.

Regretful Morningsaid...

Very true

Super Bloggingsaid...

Thanks for sharing those photos, they're truly eye-opening. They're sad and beautiful all at the same time. Like you said, I hope we can all learn to get along because we have a lot more in common than we think we do. And apart from that, all this war and fighting isn't doing us any good.


Michelle Gartnersaid...

I don't see where it is depressing- it's different yes. But I see an Art gallery and billboards with marketing for children. Cookies and art- what more do you need out of life, I could post pictures of my house and my kids, and I am sure someone would say it sounds depressing. I have 5 kids- and am surrounded by a mountain of laundry. I stay home a lot and it is an isolated life to be the mother of small children, but I am surrounded by art and cookies. That's all one really needs.

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