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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Princess Catherine, Bosnian Princess

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  I have seen in one of the historical books about the medieval time in Bosnia - the blurred image that was supposed to represent one of the last Bosnian princesses, Princess Catherine - from the medieval time. It was crafted on a medieval coin for which there is no saved example. My painting was done as an attempt to fill up the gaps. I guess nobody will ever knew if I i did it right.  Princess Catherine


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DrBurst| College Intentionsaid...

Very nice

Tell me if I am wrong, but I see a castle's tower in the background. With a blue sky behind it.

I love how the blue on the hair frames the face. I think the background really brings focus on the face.

I love the blog, keep up the work


I really like the colors you used. It's has a very haunting quality, but also very beautiful.

J. C.said...

Thanks you both for your very flattering comments.
DrBurst - it is amazing for me that you have seen that image - I was actually trying to make it like that, with the background that could be read in a various ways.
Franscud - I am glad that you have noticed as you have said - the haunting illusion, I think that was my main intention.


hi,nice blog...................


I love how textured this painting looks! <3

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