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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Charles Bukowski Rides Again

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I do not know why, but Bukowski come into my mind today, maybe because of the fact that I met an old friend of mine who was his great fan. Upon coming home I tried to find his poem The Tragedy of Leaves on-line. I made a little research and I was surprised to find out that an impressive collection of his poetry could be found - here. Years, or maybe decades ago, I had read all his novels and prose works. But only a few poems. It was a great discovery for me to find his poems on line now and to read some.
I wonder sometimes what Borges would have to say about today's wonder of internet.


John Bakersaid...

Thanks for the vid. It changed my Sunday morning for the better.

J. C.said...

Thanks a lot John, it is a good reminder about the Dirty Old Man.


I must admit the video surprised me, but I can understand what he means. Though my father didn't beat me, he tortured me psychologically so I can relate in a way. I'll be sure to read some of his poetry:)

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