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Thursday, July 3, 2008

U2, Pop, Sarajevo

Ken Armstrong's blog post about U2 reminded me about those teenage idols of mine. Actually I had a chance to see them live in Sarajevo's spectacular concert in 1997. There were brave enough to come and visit the troubled country and the city that is now a symbol for survival. Because of that I will always have a great deal of respect for them.
P.S. This video is not from the Sarajevo's concert, it is just reminder about this great band.


Ken Armstrongsaid...

Oh, I *so* remember that! Were you really there?

The first time I saw them was at the Wembley Live Aid Concert - yes, I *was* there :)

J. C.said...

Yes, Mr. Armstrong, I was really there and it was a great concert, and especially as I have commented on your post - meant a lot for a kid who survived the 4 years of siege. It was almost surreal experience.

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