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Friday, September 26, 2008


 Among other things, I am also a painting freak and a real junkie when it comes to oil masterpieces. Here are a couple of artists that really amaze me. The paintings here are also the links to their web pages where more bravura could be found.

The first is Aldo Balding, and his wonderful painting of a couple.


And the second is Scott Burdick. Enjoy!


And finally, here is mine artwork.

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Jim Murdochsaid...

I love both of them. The first reminds me of Jack Vettriano, a rougher version, but I prefer the second; I'd have that on my wall, happily.

I prefer this one by Balding:

J. C.said...

Amazing, isn't Jim. I would be happy to for a work like this hanging on my wall.

Michelle Gartnersaid...

I love the top one- the couple seems so deeply interested in each other. I often think it's amazing when people have real connections. People act superficially interested in others all the time- so a real deep intimate connection not based on sex, but on finding someone fascinating or incredibly interesting... it's terribly exciting. The mind, is the most attractive thing in the world. For some reason these two in the painting convey a deep connection- the tilt of his head, that they are in a secluded corner. It's lovely.


Both paintings are beautifully impeccable and have true artistic style!


I have always admired Scott Burdick's work along with his wife Susan. They both have a similar technique but I prefer the "rougher" style of Scott's pieces. I have not seen any of Balding's work before, thank you for sharing.

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