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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Proposition de Lecture I

I usually don’t do this but here is my batch and it’s about a couple of amazing post that I have found recently.

Bobby Revell has a great and elaborate post about the other side of coin of the today's political preferences and divisions. I may not agree with him completely on all said here but the post is overflowing with valuable informations and interesting perspectives.
Liberalism and Conservatism are Viruses

Sarah from wonderful Caffe Turco blog wrote an amazing article about genocide deniers. It is a sticking explanation of the most painful issue in the post-war reality in Bosnia. Thanks Sarah, I really consider this post to be of immeasurable value.
A reply to genocide deniers

Ken Armstrong wrote an excellent and tender romantic story about a grandmother’s sacred love. I really enjoyed it and it had reminded me of some of the best Paul Auster's short stories before his downfall to the ultra-postmodernist experiments.
Short Story - JJ's Note (Part 1)



Thanks so much J.C.! The truth is, that post doesn't really capture my beliefs in a complete manner. It's based on what America needs right now at this very minute. The economy is failing and must be fixed - only then can the poor be helped and health care given to those who need it. If the economy were robust, I would lean much more democratically liberal.

Sarah Francosaid...

Thank you for the link and even more for the kind words of encouragement.

Bobby: Your post is the kind of raw material that I love to use to make my own though flow. I would love to comment on it, I am sorry that i really don't have time.

Ken Armstrongsaid...

I'm so glad you liked the story - and how kind of you to link to it as you have. I really appreciate it, thanks! ken (Fellow U2 fan)

J. C.said...

I really thank you all for writing an excellent stuff that is not only a pleasure to read, but more importantly - something that I really consider of the great value.

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