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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Feng Shui Robot III

They both liked to have their way, with redeeming features being put to a minimum. It was hard to listen to what another one had to say, actually not hard but pretty useless. The more childish their communication has become the clearer was the way out of all this. And the situation was not going to be any better tomorrow. Was the age of a relationship affecting it in the same way as it's the case with time, and what it does to our body? He would like to imagine otherwise but for all his life, he was experiencing just that. The main focus was in trying to stick to own deceptions, no matter how harshly they were contradicting reality.

The next day I went out in Jamaica, I wanted to go see Bob Marley's house and the grave too. Our ship was all glowing from the crystal reflections of the sea and the sun. I never saw so many people asking for money like on the streets in Jamaica. On a walk to the downtown Ocho Rios, I was stopped for more than a dozen times by various people, not all of them beggars. In order to get ahead and advance at least a few meters in my walking, I had to talk to so many people, who were trying to sell something to me, or were just asking for a dollar, bluntly, or just talking some understandable words. I saw an old man, sitting on the ground beside the pavement, playing a guitar that had only one string and the broken wooden neck. In addition, singing: Ya man, Cool man, everything’s ok man. He was blind and the only one to whom I gave some money. I put a bill in a dish made of cartoon paper, in front of him. The moment I did that I got accustomed with the country on whose ground, I was walking for the very first time. The worst was over now, I was not uncomfortable anymore with the people who were approaching me in every few seconds.

I’ve never seen beggars that looked so human like from the streets of Jamaica. Every street was packed with them, and what was making them special was the fact that they were real beggars, they would just stand on their corners, besides the pavements, with their warm smiles, broken guitars, and faces from which was possible to read whole volumes of sun and pain. The fake beggars were the ones who would approach you, and try to follow you for a few steps, for a few very long moments, until you would decide to give them something or to pretend like you were ignoring them.

The real beggars all had the red eyes, and were all at the ripe old age, just standing there, completely sure that somebody would recognize him, and discover something genuine from the thousands of their features, like it was actually happening for all the time, they were never wrong. Their game was simple and natural, and people tend to recognize the truth, in spite of everything.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see this story today and have enjoyed it thus far. This reads like it could be fictional or maybe true. I sense you reflecting things from your real life giving it a feeling of fond remembrance and insight. I too look forward to more and to understand the title you've chosen. You are a natural writer J.C. and the many works you've read from your love of literature are subtle, but apparent in your perspective. Wonderfully written:)

Dave Kingsaid...

I agree with Bobby. Very enjoyable and leaves you wanting the next instalment. So many questions hanging in the air.

J. C.said...

Dave and Bobby, thanks so much for your opoinions. This is just a little experiment of mine. We will have to wait and see where is going to take me.

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