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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Constantine P. Cavafy

The Windows

In these dark rooms where I live out empty days,
I wander round and round
trying to find the windows.
It will be a great relief when a window opens.
But the windows aren't there to be found -
or at least I can't find them. And perhaps
it's better if I don't find them.
Perhaps the light will prove another tyranny.
Who knows what new things it will expose?

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Dave Kingsaid...

There's so much more in this than appears on first reading. It's a simple beauty holding a simple truth.

J. C.said...

Yes Dave, wonderful, isn't it.

Lenox Knitssaid...

Hmm. Very thoughtful. thanks for sharing it with us.

Charles Sappsaid...

Ah, the search for inner light, the fear of the unknown. This is a common dilemma of the human spirit. Great share. Thank you.


Though the meaning of this poem is symbolic--I feel the author wrote this while in a dark, lonely room without windows and suffered much melancholy in his life--perhaps the reason for its potency. You must know darkness to write about it effectively.


I had no idea you just had a birthday J.C., I usually see them on facebook, but yours isn't listed. Happy belated birthday to you my friend!!!

J. C.said...

Hi Bobby and thanks a lot. Birthdays are not a big deal. Thanks amigo, mucho.

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