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Saturday, January 3, 2009

The Computer Coffee Holder

image by: neogomo

The following is a true story: it all happened to a friend of mine who was working for a computer company. His job consisted of receiving the customers’ phone calls and listening to their complaints and various kinds of questions about their electronics merchandise.
So one day he picked up a call at his desk. The woman was on the line, upset, and in a complete distress.

- Hallo, how are you? I am calling because my computer broke. A coffee cup holder is broken, can I please have somebody to check it out for me. I understood there is a two years warranty extended on all goods that are bought in your store. – She said.

- Yes Ma'am – my friend said, but this is a computer store, are you sure that you have bought the computer at our place; we do not sell coffee cup holders.

- I am sure as hell, please, I insist that somebody come over at my house as soon as possible. Otherwise, I am ready to go for a lawsuit.

- Ok Ma'am, somebody will be there I can promise you that, actually, I will personally come to your apartment to check out the problem you have.

Therefore, he seats in his car, actually his computer company’s car. And he goes there, to the Lady’s apartment. After some time he was on the right address. The house looked nice, gardenias by the entrance and the roses too. He knocked the doors. The lady opened, she was in her fifties with a nice blond hair. It was early morning, 8 A. M., but she was already looking very neatly and all dressed up.

- You are here. Thanks so much for coming, you are so fast. Please come in. – The Lady said.
- Yes Ma'am , thank you. – he said.

- Would you like a cup of coffee? Or a tea maybe?

- No Ma'am thanks a lot. I prefer to do my job first. Can you please explain what the problem with your computer is?

- You see, the coffee cup holder got broken, that's what it was. – She said while her eyes sparked with a sudden seriousness.

- Coffee cup holder? Are you sure? We do not sell coffee cup holders at our store. However I have checked about your computer – you did buy a computer at our place indeed. So please tell me how I could help you.

- Of course, she said, please follow me upstairs.

She opened the doors of the room where her computer was. It suddenly all came plane clear. The computer’s CD ROM player was open and broken in half. There were still some visible stains of coffee all over the machine.

- Oh, now I understand. But instead of putting your coffee here, this part of computer is intended to be used for CDs Ma'am, or CD ROMs.

The woman was silent. Clearly, she did not understand what my friend was talking about. But, her computer was fixed later on, and she was given a short lesson about what CD ROM players are for.

image by: neogomo
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Sarah Francosaid...

if she had chosen a mac instead she wouldn't have had that problem :-)))))

J. C.said...

Hi Sarah, I know that you are a proud owner of one. Cheers!


Very interesting.
May I post it on a jokes forum?


And all this time I thought it was a beer mug holder...haha!

J. C.said...

Hi Bobby, a beer mug, haha, that's even more funny.

@szlogolept - you can post this wherever you like but I would appreciate putting the original source as well.


this post made my day. haha. :)

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