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Monday, January 5, 2009

Proposition de Lecture II

Johann Hari is a quite amazing journalist who writes for the Independent. I got addicted to his articles and insights that could be found also on his blog, all thanks to a recommendation from a friend. I recommend everybody to check out his blog’s archive for some impressive thoughts. Here is what he has to say about Somalian "pirates":

You are being lied to about pirates

John Baker comes out with a new chepter of his on-line novel Out Stealing Timber VII.

When Thea returned from watering the fjordling, Kristian Olsen was still at the feet of her mother, Solveig. He had plucked a long straw from the dry grass and was sucking on it, sitting with his spine against the house and gazing up at the sky, seeming to hang on every word coming from the old woman’s lips, though she was only talking, as always, about the old days.

Jim Murdoch brings in his take on the best Scottish poems. For sure he is a person to have a full trust with when it comes to poetry.

Best Scottish Poems 2008

And, speaking about poetry here is what I like. From Dave King.



Jim Murdochsaid...

You flatter me, sir.

Dave Kingsaid...

Thanks for the link. The blog gets better and better!!!

Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog)said...

Jasmin, could you please write a word or two in memoriam to Dr Nedret Mujkanovic? It is very important to keep memory of this great man alive.

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