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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Proposition de Lecture III

The following is the link to one of the poorest articles ever published on Guardian, as many unanimously agree. It is the most blatant and superficial attempt in trying to justify the unspeakable Israeli actions in Gaza, that have provoked protests all around the world. In a nutshell, what Elizabeth Wurtzel is trying to achieve in this article is to equalize the worldwide disgust at the Israeli horrifying deeds in Gaza with Anti-Semitism.

One of The Poorest Articles Ever Published on Guardian


Daniel (Srebrenica Genocide Blog)said...

Breaking news!

The European Parliament has overwhelmingly adopted a resolution (by 556 to nine, with 22 abstentions) proclaiming the 11th of July a Day of Commemoration of the Srebrenica genocide throughout the European Union (EU).


It seems like people who are pro Israel or "Zionist" often revert to plying the antisemitism card whenever criticism is voiced. The entire idea of Zion, anti-Zion is both ineffective and largely racist--on both sides--I subscribe to neither belief.

Right is right and wrong is wrong--killing is just wrong and must be defensive only, not offensive. I think this war is nothing more than childish evil--and immature fools are behind it all on all sides.

Yes, that article is garbage and the writer is simply creating controversy to further a career and sell ideas--though they are wrong ideas. I could care less who is Jewish or who is not, it has nothing to do with anything to me.

J. C.said...

Exactly Bobby I couldn't agree more.

Dave Kingsaid...

Couldn't agree more. Bilge water. I missed it, I'm not sorry to say.

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