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Saturday, July 25, 2009


I've done some hard work in my time,
like Bukowski and Carver, probably.
It wasn't easy being a soldier. I got so bored with the fact that I might die at any time then.
It wasn't easy hauling timber, either,
and not so simple being a construction worker,
and recalling all the work of construction ever done.
It wasn't easy being headwaiter in a luxury restaurant with a fine wine cellar, having to speak in two, three and four different languages, and communicate the information that I believe everyone should possess.
It wasn't so easy being a painter, lover and in reality
Always some kind of someone else.

Always on the run, always on the run.
I know that's been said so often.
But in my case
It's been like remembering you left the kettle boiling on the stove, and you run to get there,
only to discover
that there was no need for panic at all.


Sarah Correiasaid...

How pleasant it is after a day's work, to drop by and read some of your texts!


good post,nice greetings


Like this very much.

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