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Monday, August 10, 2009


There is a firm where I work,
and there are meetings that we have,
every month or so.
And there is a man,
an experienced man, who always has something to say,
and suggest, and of course,
there are us, the rest of us,
never, but I mean never, accepting any of his suggestions.

The first meeting ever at which that man
didn’t ask to speak has just ended. And gluons
that have something to do with a sense of my own mortality
are passing through my hair.


Jim Murdochsaid...

Okay, I freely admit that this lost me. I looked up 'gluon' and I'm none the wiser. Too clever for me by half. Some sort of explanation would be greatly appreciated.

J. C.said...

Jim, gluon is a quantum particle (particle physic). I've wondered always if people can ever "sense" any of the quantum particles (Too much reading of Michio Kaku's books I guess.)

Bill Stankussaid...

I've been remiss by reading your blog and not leaving comments. This is a delightful piece.

You haven't posted in months ... I certainly hope you are continuing your word quest.

J. C.said...

Hi Bill, thanks. I know you had problems with my broken comment form. Nice to hear from you.

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