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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Espresso Pieces


Only me and the man who’s lost both his arms
On the running track today
By the mountain.

On the far side
The sky is clear and blue
Not above us.


I tried it believe me
And she did as well.
It’s what everybody does.
It’s perfectly normal.
And really nothing
Can happen to you.

Unless you’re very unlucky
Unless you’re very unlucky

The Same

She was all
Excitement and escape, always hooked up
on the same things in life.
Same cigarettes,
Or regular bouts of giving up.

I never understood all that.

Trouble Studying History

The past
And the way
People understood
Life, love, friendships, sex and god,
How different
And how strange

Strong in the City

It is not easy to be strong in the city,
Not when the sun is shining,
And a terrible accident has taken place,
And blocked the way,
And once you get out seeing all that disarray,
And meet a surreally beautiful woman
And have a little chat with her
In the middle of the day.

Refreshing gene

I have a gene for survival
And I am more than thirty years old
And I am not bold or too grimy
I am more than thirty years old and I know
Many who did not make it

You cannot deny anybody
Their own taste in god

Not enough

Too many times it looks like
It is not enough to be a man.
In the way it is necessary to be an animal, or plant,
Or dust spread by a warm wind
It’s just not enough
Too many times

Respect for the morning

Respect for the morning
So many talked about that
This way or another
Thoreau for example
I keep on forgetting
That I should pay due respect
To the morning

Sharp Stone

A person walking next to me
Suddenly took a sharp stone from the ground
And in that moment
It seemed that that person's essence
Emanated from that stone
It only seemed that way
For a moment


If an idea is too far from an emotion
Or to close to it
It turns bitter
How many people loved something or someone in a wrong way
And died because of it
Just as if nothing had happened?
What indifference.


So many masters never showed you
What they can really do
They showed you just the bits of it
For you to figure out the rest
Leaving the most of it to you

No Power

Reading poetry with a lighter
Has anyone ever tried that
On the balcony with only shadows and starlight?
When we are talking about the poetry of Fernando Pessoa
I start to wonder where are all the Zippos I have lost
During my life

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Nihad Hasanovicsaid...

These are the best I've read so far:)


They deserve to be read again and again.

sarah correiasaid...

I really appreciate your poetry...

Tongue Tripsaid...

something new coming up? soon? i hope.

J. C.said...

Sarah, I would not call it poetry, maybe just blog scraps illusions.
Thanks Tongue and szlogolept.

sarah correiasaid...

I like it anyway. I appreciate your writing very much.

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