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Monday, December 28, 2009

In a newspaper

Jam session

In a newspaper they said

One of the greatest pleasures in life

Is in being able to play the piano.

Upon reading this I recalled how I recently

Tried to explain all my life to someone

– over the course of a few drinks,

Trying to make everything fit into a single story –

A selection of dramatic, humorous and sharp sentences.

Rolling stone

Her papa was so utterly crazy

And she was so normal and calm and warm.

I was as shocked with how crazy her papa was

As with how beautiful she was

And what extraordinary ways she had found

To escape the madness.

What extraordinary ways she had taken

To make some normalcy out of me.


Tongue Tripsaid...

everytime i come back here, i think of the day i discovered this blog and have been addicted to it ever since. i wish you wrote everyday or atleast more frequently. ok, wont be greedy now. :) you intrigue me...trying to make everything fit into a single make some normalcy out of me...

J. C.said...

Thanks a lot Tongue Trip, your blog is excellent and I am enjoining it too.

Dave Kingsaid...

Something I could get from nowhere else. Thanks.

J. C.said...

Thanks Dave.

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