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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No Name


So many great writers
said good things about another writer
who was without an audience.
The writer in question didn’t want their
praises, he wanted the love of the people.
But it was all in vain,
he was writing only
for the people like himself.

A Soldier’s Confession 1995

Drinking rainwater
thinking about you,
actually just a few of you
the women in my life.
It’s all matter of smile,
I would realize much later.

A Soldier’s Confession 1995 II

I said: I am a bit afraid.
You said: Don’t be a fool.
And then you who had tried to encourage me,
You died.
You got killed.
Am I the only one at fault for your death,
Beloved friend,
Or should every one of us take the blame
Everyone who didn’t see the end?


Tongue Tripsaid...

bleak, heavyhearted, living. i read and i read again, then i come back and read again. truly admire you.

J. C.said...

Thaks Tongue, I do not think I deserve such plaudits.

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