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Monday, January 25, 2010

Blog links exchange

A short book

A short book about Tolstoy
and his life, barely 70 pages.
And almost everything about his life in it.
Such a short biography about
such a great man.

A blog that nobody is reading

On the blog that almost nobody is reading
a thought by its author
published today.
With depth, style and measure
touching on something important,
even topics like science and physics.
Really enjoyable.
On the blog that only a few are visiting.

Blog links exchange

From time to time
a cooking blog
or a jewellery blog
or a sport equipment blog
are asking me to exchange links with them.
And even with a promise of small presents.
I like all this offers because they are written with
an honest idea, by human hand.
But I would prefer for some blog
about disaster
to ask for the links exchange.
Even in the vast sea of the Internet
it is hard to find a soul mate.


sarah correiasaid...

with just a few words you captured some of the core issues about blogging... Once I read an interview with nobel prize winner Imre Kertez in which he was asked how did he feel about becoming read by a much wider audience thanks to the impact of getting the prize, and he replied that previously he had few readers but those were readers that he knew were really appreciating him. Not wanting to compare myself to a nobel prize winner, that's how I feel about my readers, those who always come back, no more than a few, let's say 20.

Jim Murdochsaid...

Nice little selection here. I especially like the middle one. I'm not actually sure I've ever mentioned blogging in a poem, although computers and the Internet made a brief appearance called 'Screen' - screen as monitor compared to screen as divider.


1. yes, amazing isn't it? but then just imagine how many great men are gone without not even a line that would remind us of their existence.

2. when many years ago I first started to write a blog I realised I was doing it simply because I wanted to have something interesting to read.

3. I think it's because being linked on other websites help you get a better rank with search engines. and the problem with finding a soulmate is related to the fact that we are always looking for what we don't have and take what we do have for granted.

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