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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two guys named Joseph

One wanted to buy a computer for his son;
he was already far into his sixth decade of life
and his son was very young, just started elementary school.
The other Joseph wanted to buy a taxi, and drive it along the streets
of Port –au- Prince. And take care of his family.
The first one everybody called Papa, because of his mature age and
the fact that he was working on the ship for so long.
Our ship was an unusual one, full of glow and nice women.
Sailing to Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, Miami.
The Caribbean.
There were so many things that none of us knew about.
I remember I asked one of the Josephs why our ships never sail to Haiti.
I cannot recall what his answer was.
I only remember how after I asked that
his expression confronted the impossible.
Struggling with it.


Jim Murdochsaid...

An interesting response to the situation in Haiti. I like it.

J. C.said...

Thanks Jim, this is something I couldn't stop.

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