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Sunday, May 23, 2010



A lot of post on this blog were unfortunately ruined by my using some kind of a very bad contextual software. I even advertised that software here for a while. The damage is so great, indescribable, and a reminder that really nothing is forever secure.

Here are just notes that may turn out into something one day, or not

Until it hurts

Until it hurts, that’s the price of honesty, to say when or where to stop. It really takes bravery and certain philosophies, like aikido, for example, are encouraging it – for your own sake.

US&Bosnia Apatride

I have experience of California and the US, that’s what I know the best from what you may call “abroad experience.” It’s also in my name, because my last name is Caus. All the other places I had been to they were just a brief visits. Disregarding the fact that these brief visits include dozens of countries. 

And to say anything, or to explain how it is in my view and according to what I know, I would say that what Bosnia and the US have in common is that both are the countries of permanent problems, and they both have similar kinds of freedoms; that I value a lot.
In both countries people were always cursing their governments, really freely and openly, in spite of all. And for sure I would not like to live in a country where is impossible to criticize, where another point of view may cost you your life, and, I would not even mention what else.
“Relax man, maybe something better it’s already on its way,” that’s what one Jamaican friend told me in San Diego, years ago.

Confusing knowledge

If anyone knows about a book on females, their real role and how they have been treated throughout the history – for sure I would like to read it. To clear up and fill in the gaps in my own confused knowledge.

Too Much

    Too much of the too-big, and mostly empty stuff

    like the war, nations, religions, life, death etc.

    I had to swallow,

    so I decided to devote myself to small things:

    I started blogging (on the blogspot)

    barely noticed by anyone.


    If you’re capable of lying about

    those things

    that doesn’t mean

    I never lied about them.

    That doesn’t have to mean anything, really.

    It’s nothing at all.



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